Baccarat is simple but exciting.

All gamblers probably know the game of Baccarat very well. Because it is a popular game that every casino must have. Whether it’s a real casino online, but for newbies who don’t know yet. We will tell you about the origin of this game, why everyone likes it, who has played Pok Deng before. It’s not difficult to understand this game. Because point counting and drawing are very similar to Pokdeng, including having 8 by 9 as well

The difference is that we are not the players themselves. But we have to choose a side to stab Who will win? Between “Banker” and “Player” (Player), most of them have additional bets such as “Tie” (Tie), “Pair” (Pair), “Super”. Six” (Super six) and others with different payout rates. which we will introduce in detail later. for beginners Let’s know how to bet “banker” and “player” well.

For example, assuming that if we sit in the 3rd box, we can choose to bet on 3 channels, namely, Banker, Player or Tie. The dealer (also known as the dealer) will deal cards into two piles, namely, Player and Banker. Then count the points together like a bounce. Whichever pile of cards wins, the person who stabs that side will win. Get

money to bet on the other side, of course, have to lose the bet. Usually pays at the rate of 1:1, sometimes the banker will pay 1:0.95 (bet 100 get 95), depending on the rules. and the commissioning of the table But if the card is always out The table must pay the person who bets the tie at the rate of 1:8 (bet 1 get 8) and return the money to the player and the banker. No need to lose money.

Example of card distribution, Baccarat Player gets 4 hearts and 10 spades, total 4 points, Banker gets Mam Spade and 7 Diamonds gets 7 points, Player draws, King Spades, so the remaining 4 points are the same. So the banker wins. See that counting the points is like a well-familiar bouncer, and of course, if any side blocks 8 or 9, no

cards will be drawn. Baccarat is called natural poker. Details of points counting. Read more in the next article,

why online baccarat is fun and popular.

that’s because The game is simple but doesn’t end too quickly. After opening the cards There is also a draw to change the game. from bad to good from losing to winning Especially if going to play at a real table. and then have a chance to win the card The more excited the mood Baccarat is a simple game, it’s easy, it’s easy to lose as well.

because it is very popular There are people who have invented many different formulas, which depends on the formula. Who works, the more you play, the more fun it is. But whoever loses, they change the formula, change the tempo and come back. Some people don’t have a formula to use feelings. Pure intuition can also be profitable.