Beat Blackjack by Counting Points

Techniques for winning games online blackjack by counting the points

Blackjack Online is another card game. that has been very popular because many people think People who can play this game There must be a very high level of psychology, at least more than the others on the table, because our every action will always be watched. And the principles of betting for this game does not depend on that. Who holds the cards with more points? but measure that Whose cards will not exceed or equal 21 points first, so if you are overly happy or showing signs of anxiety, other people will guess right away. and there may be an overlap to get more money however deception We can use it to benefit, so for people looking for techniques. To win in this game Let’s try to play online. so that no one can guess our face Popular method that gamblers like to use on a regular basis Here are some examples:

Remember how to count the points accurately.

For a method for counting the points of each card Which may fall into your hand as follows:

A is the card with the most points, 11 points, which is different from other games such as Baccarat, where A is usually counted as having only one point

, J, K, Q, all 3 cards have the same points, which is 10,

the rest are cards with numbers 1-9, count the points according to that number.

That means if The first 2 cards in your hand are A. You’re almost halfway between everyone in the circle. The rest depends on that. How Much Money Can You Take?

Split Draw When the cards are duplicated, the

advantage of blackjack is that the game doesn’t close your chances. If you are the one who pushes the same hand, then if the cards are duplicated, you may play 2 hands separately so that each hand is 21. The amount that is placed in the pool increases. which is very risky If anyone scores 21 before you

16 points are safe.

Usually, almost no one is lucky. The game starts with 21 points in the first place, so always count the points in your hand first. how much which all the saints have already told us that For the dealer 17 points are safe points, and for others The point you should have at the start is 16 if less. It is very necessary to ask for more cards. But if there is more, you can ask or not ask. or may ask for additional money without asking for additional cards In order to put pressure on other people to discard the cards because the faster the person discards the cards, the better. The faster you win.

For newbies, reading it may feel that Playing blackjack games is too difficult. but in fact It’s not as difficult as you think. Because if you remember counting the points the rest of the game It’s the same as adding only numbers, the only difference is all of our calculations. Only have money to bet.