Techniques for applying for a visa successfully

Prepare the documents as ready as possible

1. The most important thing to get a วีซ่าติดตามสามีไทย to pass is Complete document preparation Because if the documents are not complete from the beginning They may have been denied a visa before even doing a background check. Therefore, all documents should be prepared to avoid wasting time, wasted opportunity, and wasted money on the cost of applying for a new visa.

2. There is proof of credibility When applying for a visa, the embassy staff will look at aggregate elements such as job duties, income, job security, letters of recommendation, or referrals. having credible evidence Will give a chance to get a visa through The important thing is not to lie or make false evidence. because if the embassy checks and finds that the information is false May be blacklisted and never enter that country again

3. Fill out the information as accurately as possible. for filling in the form We should fill out the information as completely as possible. Anything that can be written is written to look at a lot before, such as in the matter of work. Please fill in both the previous Fill in both the current and age of work He won’t look at us as Robin Hood to live in his country. If you have been working for a very long time If you have a short working life, you may write more letters of recommendation. or ask someone else to write a certificate for them

4. There is clear evidence of financial status. You should have at least enough money in your account to cover your travel expenses, such as going to the US for 7 days. You should have a minimum of 50,000 baht in your account, etc. The more money in your account, the better. Because they will see if we have enough money to spend or not

5. Be confident when interviewing When interviewing, we need to be confident. Answer questions eloquently, without flustering, and must answer exactly the information. and fill in the details Because most of the time before the interview The staff will read our information first. Then ask to check the accuracy again.