The layout of the card is important to play.

Many gamblers, especially baccarat players, always have a unique way of predicting the outcome of the cards. by referring to the results of the past cards Even in casinos, many camps have various statistical tools to help make decisions. What is a deck of cards is a term that is often found in technical research. or how to beat baccarat for

“cards or cards” in that baccarat game easy to understand It is to read the card’s exit pattern. This allows us to easily calculate what the next game will look like.

Today I will teach you how to read each type of Baccarat card easily. If you finish reading this article You can apply it immediately.

What you need to know first about Baccarat

that baccarat Usually there is a pattern of cards that are duplicated over 60%-70%, which if we can recognize the patterns. It will increase your chances of winning more. But before you put it to use You have to know how to plan with 4 simple rules.

1. Small bets if the cards are not clear or you can’t leave your eyes to stab at all. If you’ve learned that the deck you’re following has a higher chance of winning. You don’t have to stab every eye. You should wait for the moment.


  1. Be brave when you are confident. Each bet is opened in the same amount. That’s not a good idea at all. You should always have a fight and a back. If the card you are following is quite clear. You should invest more

    3. Don’t think for yourself. Many people fell off their horses because of these words. An unscrupulous guess and good enough rationale. It will make you no different than tossing a coin. If it’s right it’s good luck, if it’s wrong it’s bad luck. A smart gambler will never rely on destiny. A good gambler is someone who manages the risks appropriately.

    4. You should start playing only at the tables where the cards have already been dealt 30%-50% and try to avoid playing the logs and the ends of the logs. that have to wait for the cards to be issued Because you will be able to see the card pattern and be able to predict the card layout easily. And that should not play at the end of Khon because The card layout is always changing, especially at the end of the khorn.

    Different types of baccarat card layouts

    Next is the layout of the cards that you need to memorize. It will be divided into 2 main groups, namely the first group to stab continuously and the second group to trap the

    dragon shape.

    Is to issue cards repeatedly, any side wins 5-6 eyes or more in succession, the method is following the dragon, but stabbing that color repeatedly until it’s wrong. In principle, the money should not be stabbed equally, but to bet forward, such as 1 1 2 2 3 3 …. because it is the period that we should pitch itself, the

    table tennis table

    opposite the dragon. Is to issue cards alternating winning 1 time each, 5-6 eyes or more. The method is to bet on the opposite color until it’s wrong. by the principle of money To bet forward, such as 1 1 2 2 3 3, like a dragon card,

    3 cuts,

    that is, that one color or both colors cannot win more than 3 consecutive times, so the betting method must be trap only When one of the colors has resulted in winning 3 times, then we choose to bet on the opposite side by paying the same amount, if wrong, pay contributions on the next bet.

    falling out of cards

    is when a particular color wins the first time. and often can’t win repeatedly and continuously, may win no more than 2 times, or may win and lose alternately until it’s table tennis But let us choose to bet on the opposite color until it’s right, but should not roll more than 3 sticks